Samsung Galaxy S5 has a successful launch

The business of smartphones is a high stakes game with one device sending your success into the stratosphere, or keeping you down in the doldrums. HTC who was an initial leader in the smart phone sector has struggled to have a winning device and has dramatically lost market share because of it. Shooting to the head of the pack has been Samsung with their Galaxy series. This series of phones has seen Samsung lead the market for smart phone sales.

For Samsung, continued success is reliant on them continually rolling out better versions of their flagship smartphone. This will maintain their momentum and prevent others from taking over their position.

With that in mind, Samsung has released the latest version of it’s smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 is a huge improvement on their last version. Sales of the device looks like it will beat the previous version of the phone and may even trump the Apple iPhone  5s in terms of launch sales.

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The story of Topman

One of the most well known shops internationally is Topshop, a popular store known for their young and funky female fashion. From this stable, launched the men’s version of the concept, known as Topman. Although new to people like us in Australia, Topman has actually been around since the 1970’s. Topman is part of Arcadia Group which itself owns a number of large well known labels including Miss Selfridge, Evans and Dorothy Perkins.

Topman is a clothing store which is well known in the UK and has bricks and mortar stores all over the country. Internationally, they have very few stores around the world however have a huge amount of popularity when it comes to it’s online store.

Topman has a huge range of fashionable clothing which its built on designs created with young designers. It’s range of clothing stretches across all pieces of clothing from suits to shirts to pants and jeans.

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